About Radius


Radius Engineering's closed mold tooling, process development, workcell design, and injection systems are internationally recognized and acclaimed. Our unique approach allows us to transfer technology to our customers, and provide them with continued support for future innovation.

We have a proven record of successful commercialization. Project diversity is extensive, and has included: automobile seat frames, sailboat masts, prosthetic hands, ski poles and grips, archery bows, tennis racquets, bicycle frames, fishing poles, violin bows, airplane wings, wing control surfaces such as flaps and ailerons, helicopter rotor blades and flexbeams, aerospace bulkheads, and internal support structures for helicopters, airplanes, and jets. Customers include most of the U.S. aerospace companies and a significant number of international aerospace companies.

Established in 1986, Radius Engineering remains privately owned today. Currently, the company employs 38 highly experienced and motivated people, who are rewarded by profit sharing and other outstanding benefits.

Radius Engineering Inc.
1042 West 2780 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119