JEC 2003 Composites Awards winner in Air Transport Catagory

: Wing flap for regional aircraft.

Radius proposed to Bombardier Aircraft a concept for a new type of monolithic Outboard Flap structure to replace an existing aluminum design. Following a close collaboration with Bombardier design groups, Radius proposed an RTM replacement for the multi-part metal original. Radius provided design assistance, tooling, manufacturing and process development, and several first articles necessary for the certification process. Radius also provided a number of materials characterization panels and sub-elements to support development and certification.

The RTM molding technique used reduces the number of components by 95% (through functional integration) and gives a very good out-of-mold surface finish, so it is possible to paint without labor-intensive surface filling and preparation. The part is significantly lower in cost than the metallic component.

Development started mid 2000. The Flap is expected to be certified in late 2003.

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