Integrated Tooling Press

  • The side load press utilizes welded upper and lower bolster construction
  • Welded bolsters are joined together on the back side by a rigid rib construction
  • The upper bolster is supported on the front side with threaded rod assemblies at the corner locations
  • The press is intentionally designed to have a more defined fixed daylight with further dedication to tools of the same size in all directions. (Daylight can be adjusted if need arises at some future point)
    • Very suitable for production, where tooling thicknesses do not vary
  • Advantages:
    • Dedicated fixed daylight for dedicated tooling in production
    • Tooling positioned on guides attached to press for easy transfer in and out of platen area.
    • Guides will easily accept any tooling with the same dimensional criteria in all directions
    • Tool travel distance is reduced
    • Tolerances:
      • Flatness, +/- .13 mm maximum
      • Deflection, .25-.5 mm
  • Disadvantages:
    • Can only accept narrow tooling
    • Tooling length may be restricted
    • Daylight not as easily adjustable
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