Flow Controlled

Radius RTM Flow Series Injectors with Data Acquisition:

The Radius RTM flow series injectors are designed to inject single component or pre-mixed multi-component resin systems. Displacement of resin from the delivery cylinder is achieved by a piston that is actuated by an electric stepper motor. The resin delivery cylinder is wrapped with a silicon pad heater capable of achieving temperatures up to 350° Fahrenheit. All surfaces that come in contact with resin are constructed from aluminum, which is hard anodized to improve durability. This series of injectors can function in either a stand-alone mode or integrated with Radius Engineering’s FlowareTM software. Our FlowareTM software provides the user with the ability to control the injector from a personal computer. Parameters such as flow-rate, pressure set points (maximum pressure is 400psi), cylinder and line temperatures can be defined by the user prior to each injection. Also provided are outlets for four type-J thermocouples and one pressure transducer. These additional outlets can be used to monitor tool properties. These properties as well as all injector parameters can be recorded by the FlowareTM software. Data acquisition is not possible when the injector is used in the stand-alone mode. The stand that supports the injector, and its associated control enclosure is made from steel with locking casters.

    System features:
  • The piston and resin delivery cylinder are designed to be able to maintain an internal atmosphere under pressure or vacuum.
  • PID temperature control for resin cylinder and line heater enclosed in console.
  • Emergency stop push button.
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