Single Component

The Radius 5 gallon RTM dispenser is designed to pump resin from a 5 gallon straight-sided pail. The pail is placed on the base plate of the injector and a platen is lowered into it. The bottom of the platen is heated and kept in contact with the resin by pneumatic actuators. Prior to an injection the user must specify two pressure set points. During an injection once the pressure builds to the first set point the flow rate will be reduced to a lower setting. The second pressure set point is the desired hydrostatic pressure. Displacement of resin is accomplished by a gear pump located in the center of the platen that is controlled by an electric motor.

Spec. Sheet

Radius enhanced features include:

  • The resin flow rate is controlled by two adjustable potentiometers located on the front of the machine.
  • A light tower is located on top of the injector that will indicate when the level of resin in the pail is low and when the pail is empty.
  • Panel meters mounted on top or the injector display the amount of resin injected and the injection pressure.

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