For fifteen years a fixture—a constantly moving and high-energy fixture—Brett helped put Radius on the composites industry map. As he moved through his day and various projects, his focused gaze migrated from one issue to another, from one person to another, from one problem to another. He seemed to hold all issues and problems in his head, working on them sequentially and simultaneously.

While a college student, Brett began at Radius in January 1989 as a technician. His work included mundane and interesting tasks, small projects, and working with a variety of customers. Over the next fifteen years, Brett earned his AS degree, many promotions, and the respect and affection of scientific and business people across the country and internationally. Brett was known for his sense of humor, his commitment to customer satisfaction, and his meticulous hard work. In 2001,
Brett was made Product Manager for Radius Workstations and Manufacturing Systems—responsible for marketing, project management and completion, and customer satisfaction through the process. From then until his death from complications of heart disease in April 2004, Brett worked with, taught, and inspired Radius employees, stockholders, and clients.

To all who knew him, Brett was engaging, interesting, caring, and thoughtful. He balanced well his responsibilities as husband/father with his professional work. Early morning, late at night, with children in tow, working from home—in many, many ways Brett’s hard work, creative spirit, and focus on the customer was shaped by and helped shape the Radius work ethic and success. Brett had staying power. His legacy lives on in his family and in Radius’s continued commitment to serving the customer and the industry.

In his 1989 resume, presented as he applied for work at Radius, Brett described himself and his ambitions in succinct terms. “Self motivation is a strong point. Accomplishing the most I can and being the best that I can with what I’ve got. Be successful in the things I do and feel that I’ve made a contribution in some way or another.”

Brett, you succeeded. Thank you.